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Mem u Zin by Ehmedi Xani, it wasn't only a book, but rather it was a revolution by all means over all aspects of life at that time. Now after all these years, after Kurd gained something, we need another Mem u Zin by another Ehmedi Xani, i.e., we need another revolution.

By this we start our blog.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mem û Zîn

- Philosopher, Ehmedi Xani -

Mem û Zîn
in Kurdish or in English Mem and Zin

Based upon an ancient epic poem by "Ehmadi Khani", written as Xani too, the epic narrates, which have been wrote in 1692, the story of Mem, a young Kurdish boy, who falls in love with Zin, the daughter of the governor of Butan, when the people are celebrating "Newroz" (Newroz is a Kurdish word, means New Day in English), the ancient national ceremony of Kurds, and many other eastern ethnics.

For Kurds, Mem and Zin are symbols for the Kurdish people, the Kurdish country and Kurdish Nationalism.

The Mem u Zin Mausoleum in Cizre province is inspired by this fairy tale and became an attraction for tourists.

Ehmedê Xani or Khani, born in 1650, and died in 1707, was a Kurdish writer, poet and philosopher. He was born in Hakkari province in North Kurdistan, South East Turkey, just near the border of Turkey, Iraq and Iran.

Xani or Khani is the name of the Kurdish clan, which our Philosopher belongs to.

Philosopher Ehmadi Xani didn't write Mem u Zin only, but many other books. His other work include a book about Faith in Islam, and one for kids.

He was fluent in Arabic and Persian, beside Kurdish.

Ehmedi Xani believed to be the first Kurd to discuss the Kurdish issues, patriotisms, and ultimately Kurdish independence. And to use Kurdish language in written works.

In his Mem û Zîn , there is a long poem of more than 2,650 distiches, about this. He also created a good picture of Kurdish life in 17th century in his works.

It's written in Wikipedia:

"In his work Kurdish patriotism and Kurdish reality are incredibly powerful. His nationalist interest and awareness was amongst pioneers for his time. When people of the Middle East were in the midst of religious conflicts to identify themselves as Christian and Muslim rather than by their ethnic origins, Xanî's proposal was circulating around an independent Kurdistan."

The movie Mem û Zîn was produced in 1991 in Turkey. It was not allowed to play the story in Kurdish language, as it was, and still to the current day, it's prohibited to talk by Kurdish language, so the movie was first produced in Turkish language and later translated into Kurdish language.

Zin talking to herself:

"Oh candle, you are like me, burning inside, except that you burn only at night, but I am burning all day and night!"


mem u zen said...

okay.. go on trt 6 its a TV show about this is cool and sad if you have Kurdish TV you can watch it channel 292 i think so yea!!!!!!!

mem u zen said...

go on trt 6 its a Kurdish TV channel that has the story with Kurdish actors and its on Kurdish TV §♥♥ channel 292 i think so yea...

Anonymous said...

This is the most beautiful heart felt story I have came across!!!!