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Mem u Zin by Ehmedi Xani, it wasn't only a book, but rather it was a revolution by all means over all aspects of life at that time. Now after all these years, after Kurd gained something, we need another Mem u Zin by another Ehmedi Xani, i.e., we need another revolution.

By this we start our blog.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Some Resorts in Hawler

Hawler is well known for resorts, like Permam (Salahaddin), Shaqlawa, Jundyan, Haji Omaran , Choman, Rawanduz, Gully Ali Beg, and to mention but few.

This is an old picture of Bekhal Resort, which located about 140 km away from Erbil governorate center, east of Gully Ali Beg, 10 km off Rawandooz district. The maximum temperature is 32 degrees Celsius in summer.

The resort is accessible via Gally Ali Beg road or Rawandooz district. It has a huge cataract with pure water falling down the mountain. There are several folk restaurants and other entertaining places.

From early spring to late autumn, tourists head for the resort.

It's being awhile I didn't go to these resorts. I should revise myself.

Gully Ali Beg Resort which is about 130 km off Erbil governorate center. It is one of the attractive and beautiful resorts in Kurdistan Region. It extends for 12 km between Korak and Bradost Mountains, forming a magnificent landscape.

The Gully is round 800 m above sea level, with maximum temperature 35 degrees Celsius in summer and 10 degrees below freezing in winter. In the gulley two rivers meet-one springs from Alana Valley, Khalifan sub-district; the other from Rawandooz district and Bekhal Resort. At the gulley entrance, both meet Seedakan River to form the Great Zab.

In addition to the major waterfall, there are several cascades. The resort is featured by its mountainous terrain and various trees. It is a gorgeous place for recreational picnics; it has a number of restaurants and other entertaining spots. In spring and summer, tourists head for the resort where there are private places for families.

The Iraqi Government used this picture on one of the monetary units, from old days till now.

Jundyan Resort which is about 147 km off Erbil city centre, 5 km from Soran district. It lies at the bottom of Hndreen Mountain; with maximum temperature 32 degrees Celsius in summer. Jundyan resort is famed for its magic sweet water spring flowing out of Hndreen Mountain bottom.

It is surrounded by varied trees. The Regional Government took care of this resort, including a restaurant, and other recreational and private places for tourist families.

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