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Mem u Zin by Ehmedi Xani, it wasn't only a book, but rather it was a revolution by all means over all aspects of life at that time. Now after all these years, after Kurd gained something, we need another Mem u Zin by another Ehmedi Xani, i.e., we need another revolution.

By this we start our blog.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

MBC Persia ..!!

I wrote these weeks ago, but couldn’t connect to the net to publish it, I saved in my computer and now I will try to publish it.

That day I was sitting and watching TV with some of my friends, we were watching a movie in famous channel MBC2 (MBC stands for Middle East Broadcasting Center, it’s based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates – UAE -) which broadcasts only Hollywood movies, but during the break time, they advertised for something, which took my attention.

They were advertising for a new channel, belonging to MBC Series, MBC-Persia, it was very unusual to see an Arab based satellite TV, launching another channel by Persian language, this is, to my knowledge, the very first step in this aspect.

On the other hand, it’s being almost 5 years, that Islamic Republic of Iran launched it’s own channel in Arabic language, directed to Arabic people and nation, to converse them and to make them up-to-date with Persian World in all aspects. Al-Alam News Network is a Tehran-based Arabic-language news channel. Established in 2003 and it broadcasts continuously. Al-Alam is an Arabic word which means, the World.

Even they said that Al-Alam Channel can be watched without having a Satellite Receiver, directly in some portions in Iraq, but I never experienced this here in Erbil. But I have a friend, he graduated in one of the colleges in Baghdad and he was there , in Baghdad, during "American invasion" to Iraq, I asked him this and he said yes, we were watching and following the news directly from Al-Alam channel without using any dish.

This strategy, broadcasting programs in different language other than your mother language, is very well know in the western world, and the best example is BBC.

When USA leaded Coalition force invaded Iraq, first of all, they launched an Arabic Satellite, Al-Hurra, specific to Iraq, to talk to them.

No body can deny the importance and effect of BBC-Arabic Radio and Montecarlio Radio, broadcasting since decades to the Arab World, at the same time, what these channels achieved is not easy to say.

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